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Henry Miranda


Bachelor's degree in Christian Ministry - Bible teacher - Evangelist - Author

I live in San Bernardino, California, graduated from La Puente high school in 1963, and in 1984 became a Christian. Went four years of community college, and Completed four years of Bible College and earned a Bachelor's of Christian ministry @ Christian Leadership University. I was anointed with the gift of an evangelist along with the gifts of healing and deliverance.



Jesus Christ changed my life.

Learn how God's salvation can do the same for you. 


 " For centuries we have been told about Christ’s

return. What does it take to wake up and

prepare oneself for the coming of Christ?

 We have become a generation of lazy Christians.

We expect our pastors, and our evangelists, to teach us the word

of God. We simply don’t want to take any time out of our life to

read God’s Word for ourselves. God has taught us to search the

Scriptures for ourselves lest we be deceived!"

~Henry Miranda


Is something missing in your life?

Do you want to find the answers?

 Learn what Christ can do for you...

The Path To Eternal Life

Direct from Amazon

The Path to Eternal Life gives comfort to those who are in need of God's presence by giving clear descriptions of how the doors to the Kingdom of Heaven are always open and how we can enter by accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior. The text explains the presence of the Holy Spirit, and aids in understanding our relationship with God and Jesus Christ. This book is a must read for the seeker and new Christian! It’s also a good reminder for the mature Christian that we should never take our Salvation for granted. Soundly based on the Word of God, each chapter topics are supported with verses of relevant Scripture. The Path to Eternal Life is not deep in philosophy, religion, or difficult doctrine, it’s simply from the heart of a man who knows the true meaning of once lost and now walking the path of righteousness’ based on the Bible. The Path of Life is a well-written book that will be a great blessing to all who seek this path to its fullest. Henry shares his testimony that plants a seed, nurtures and reaps. It is important that we all share our individual testimonies to help guide the lost to the path to eternal life. This book closes with precious testimonies of a few who have made the choice to live for Christ and discovered their true purpose in life.

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 Do you question religion?

Do you question your beliefs?

Beware The Winds Of Doctrine

will help you... 


Doctrine is the study of the Word of God. This book explains that it's not 'IF' we believe -it is 'WHAT' we believe.  

Religion is a tool of Satan, and he has placed many false teachers and preachers in our midst. This is one way that he can get to people as they have the need to worship. As the winds blow here and there so do many preachers who turn away from the Word of God to become people-pleasers. They lead their congregations down the wrong road. As a Christian we should study the Word of God diligently and know for our self if what we are hearing from the pulpit or the televised evangelists is correct doctrine, or, are we being deceived. The author backs his text with plenty of scripture references. We need to study to make sure what we are hearing is in accordance with scripture. This book has pertinent information and should be read along with the scriptures.

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 A personal relationship with God will change your life.

 Learn how to be closer to God - And enjoy his many blessings...

Fellowship With God


 Direct from Amazon

 Henry wrote this book to help others with their walk with Christ. The path we choose to follow as Christians may be hard and even seem difficult at times but it leads to a closer fellowship with God. Henry explains that there will always be false teachers who will try to steer you away from your path. They will tell you there are many paths that we can travel as we live our lives and that they all lead to God. We, on the other hand, as children of the light, know that only one path, the road less traveled, leads to the promise of eternal life.

That's the path of righteousness.

Other paths lead away from the kingdom of heaven. The path we choose to follow may be hard and even difficult at times, but it brings us closer to God. God doesn’t abandon us. The time is now. Listen to God and walk with Christ and take the road less traveled.


 Are you struggling with your Faith?

Do you question God's existence?

- Learn what the scripture says - 

- Find the answers to your questions - 

 You've Been Warned

Direct from Amazon

 You've Been Warned is a biblical account of scripture with layman understanding. Henry shares his point of view, and what various scriptures mean. This is a good read for those struggling with their faith, or maybe doubt the existence of God. Anyone can understand this book. The Bible warns us of the deceptions of Satan. He can transform himself into an Angel of light. That could be deceiving, if we weren't in the word of God. Only spiritual maturity and insight can protect us from Satan, the master of deceit.




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Where will you spend Eternity?

Is there Life after Death?

Eternal Life

This book will answer these questions and more...

Direct from Amazon

Eternal Life is an excellent description of the path described by Jesus Christ. Henry’s insights are backed by specific reference to scripture and provide clear answers to questions that many of us have. The text is easy ready to understand and proceeds in a logical manner to provide insight on how to walk the narrow path. The text gives comfort to those who are in need of God’s presence by giving clear descriptions of how the doors to the Kingdom of Heaven are always open and how we can enter by accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior. The text describes the presence of the Holy Spirit and aids in understanding our relationship with God and Jesus Christ.


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Learn what the scripture teaches...

Henry Miranda is a bible teacher, evangelist, and author. He will help you find your faith, help you understand God's plan of salvation, and will help you recognize what God has planned for your life.

Start today on the path of righteousness.

Find the peace that only Jesus Christ can bring to your life.